Technical Committee

Roger Holmberg, Sweden – (Chairman)  Roger Holmberg

After graduation 1972 he was working as Blasting Research Engineer for the Swedish Detonic Research Foundation (SveDeFo), performed research in many quarry and mining operations and wrote computer codes for bench, tunnel blasting and thermodynamic codes for explosives performance calculations. Roger was President for SveDeFo 1982-86. Roger has been involved as a blasting consultant in many parts of the world, for construction and mining companies and for governmental bodies. He was one of the founders of the International Society of Rock Fragmentation by Blasting. He paid four years’ service as a Board of Directors of the Int. Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) and two years as President for the European Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE). Roger has had various positions at Nitro Nobel, Dyno Nobel, Orica and Nitro Sibir. Today he is working as Secretary General for EFEE.  Roger is author and co-author of over 100 publications.

Robert Farnfield, UK  Robert Farnfield
After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in Mining, Rob carried out research into the environmental impact of surface coal mine blasting for more than 10 years with funding from the UK’s National Coal Board Opencast Executive. Rob then moved on to become a lecturer in Mining Engineering at Leeds and completed a Ph.D. in the environmental impact of surface mine blasting. For the last 17 years he has worked for EPC-UK, initially as Technical Services Manager dealing with all aspects of the use of explosives. In 2007 he was appointed Technical Services Manager for EPC Group Area B with a watching brief over technical matters in Northern and Eastern Europe. He is now Head of Explosives Engineering for EPC-UK. Rob is a Member of the UK’s Institute of Explosives Engineers and  The International Society of Explosives Engineers. Rob has published many papers relating to explosives engineering and is a well-known speaker throughout the industry.

Finn OuchterlonyFinn Ouchterlony
Finn Ouchterlony graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden in 1980 (Tekn.Doktor) and received his honorary degree from Montan-universität Leoben (Dr.mont.h.c.) in 2007. His skills include fracture mechanics, blast damage and blast fragmentation

From 1967 to 1984 he was employed by Atlas Copco and worked mainly at the Swedish Detonic Research (SveDeFo) labs in Vinterviken. During 1987-1993 he was head of the SveDeFo labs, during 1993-2003 head of the blasting research at SveBeFo and 2003-2010 head of the Swedish Blasting Research Centre, Swebrec. He has held academic positions at Luleå Univ. Technology (1985-88), Yamaguchi Univ., Ube, Japan (1991-92), Luleå Univ. Techn. (2003-2010) and Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria (2011-2014).

Finn Ouchterlony was co-author of the EU funded projects “Downhole Abrasive Jet Cutting Operations in Quarrying, Mining and Civil Engineering” (BE-1671; 1996-99) and together with Prof Peter Moser of “Less Fines Production in Aggregate and Industrial Minerals Industry “ (GRD-2000-00438; 2001-2004). He has a long experience of working with industry related explosives and blasting projects.

He was the co-ordinator of the ISRM working group WG on Fracture Toughness Testing of rock, which led to suggested methods in 1988. He is a member of the editorial boards of the journals: i) Blasting and Fragmentation (ISEE), ii) Int. J. Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences and iii) Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. He is a member of the int. organizing committee of the triennial Fragblast symposia. He discovered the Swebrec distribution during the Less Fines project. This led to the Douglas Hay award in 2005.

Jörg Rennert, GermanyJoerg_Rennert_3
Jörg Rennert (Dipl. –Ing. –Päd) is a German Citizen, born May 22, 1965, in Roßlau, Germany. His educational achievements include a high-school graduate in steelworking  for metallurgical engineering and a diploma: Dipl.-Ing.-Päd. from the Technical University of Dresden. Jörg’s professional career includes being a steelworker for metallurgical engineering in the steelwork in 1985. A scientific employee of the Technical University of Dresden in 1991. Assistant professor at Sprengschule Dresden GmbH from 1992 to 1998. Jörg progressed to managing director of The Dresdner Sprengschule GmbH and leader of business fields Blasting Technology and Pyrotechnics in 1998. In 2001 Jörg  became president of the German Blasting Association (Deutscher Sprengverband e.V.). In 2010 he was elected as vice president of EFEE and was the president of EFEE between 2012 and 2014. Since 2008 Jörg is also the Chairman of the EU-Directives in EFEE.

Jerry Wallace, US  Jerry Wallace
Jerry R. Wallace came into blasting naturally – as a 5th-generation logger in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. A licensed professional blaster for over 35 years, Jerry founded Wallace Technical Blasting, Inc. in 1992. The firm specializes in close-in civil construction blasting, and now includes Jerry’s two sons who are earning their own stripes in the industry. Jerry studied Forest Engineering at Oregon State University, including coursework in explosives engineering. He has taught numerous professional blasting courses including within the University of Washington (Seattle) Professional Engineering Program. An active ISEE member since 1984, Jerry served on the ISEE Board for 12 years including a two-year stint as president. Jerry is one of the many co-authors of the 17th and 18th editions of the ISEE Blasters Handbook. Jerry has served on several governmental advisory committees dealing with explosives and industrial safety laws and regulations in the U.S. Jerry has been active in EFEE since the first conference in Munich in 2000, has attended each of the 8 previous EFEE conferences and presented papers at 3 of them.
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